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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 . In How much time should you contact after booked your packing service?

Ans. Immediately in Hyderabad and outside the Hyderabad within 24hr

Q2. What Type of Materials or Goods cannot be loaded on your vehicle?

Ans. Oils, inflammable items will not be allowed to be loaded on to the vehicle.

Q3. How can we trust our goods with Orange Packers and Movers?

Ans. Orange is a leading Packers and Movers organization that offers transportation and relocation solutions. Our aim is to keep our customer thoroughly satisfied and give them best quality service. We can offer ultimate relocation solution to our customer.

Q4. What will be the mode of transportation for transporting my goods?

Ans. Orange packers and movers provide multiple options for transporting the goods from small containers to large containers. It is depend on your need and convenience which vehicle you should use. Whichever vehicle you are using for transporting packing techniques and moving, procedure will be same.

Q5. How can I move my car?

Ans. We have special Vehicles to transport your car like car carrier trucks and containers.

Q6. How is the cost of my move calculated?

Ans. The costing is all depend upon the type of goods; here we have to write costing of orange packers and movers. (For example - For a local move, typically within 100 miles, the cost is calculated on an hourly basis on other-hand long-distance & for international move will be calculated by distance covered.)

Q7 . Are you providing Door to Door Moving Service?

Ans. YES

Q8. How can we trust that Orange Packers and Movers is Professional?

Ans. Orange Packers and Movers is operating for last 10 years, we provide 24/7 customer service with proper documentation. And our Expert packing moving team provide hassle free services to our customer.

Q9 .Why we choose orange Packers movers?

Ans. Timely delivery, Customer satisfaction, Services 24/7, trained staff.

Q10. How the packing lists get ready from your packers?

Ans. Orange packers and movers packing list is a customer friendly system. After the packing we marked every cartoon with the name of the consignee, its identification number, destination details & content details.

Q11. Can I Move My House Plants?

Ans. Yes we can safely move your plants, but they may suffer from a lack of water and light.

Q12 . How much time you take to pack the things in single room?

Ans. Normally, takes two - three hours.

Q13. Can I also pack my inventory myself?

Ans. Defiantly you can put your goods by your own. But insurance company would not pay for it. So keep your cartoons open then orange packers & movers crew will inspect the items & make inventory note on it.

Q14 . Are there any basic rates for the packing and Moving of Office Goods?

Ans. No the rate depend on type of office goods and mode of packing.

Q15. Do you provide any tracking updates for our baggage?

Ans.Yes , we will give u timely update of your luggage.