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Packing of Glassware and Fragile Items


Glassware Packing

Shifting is a daunting task, but it can be simpler and easier with proper planning and implementation. The professionals can make your move perfect. They will take care of everything from packing of goods to reassemble it at a destination. Every item has to pack in a different way, but for delicate or glass goods it should be done in the more proper way. For packing and shipping of glassware and fragile goods need an extra bit of care. To avoid any damage while shipping or moving of your goods we are here to help you. The team Orange Packers and movers keep an extra eye while packing and moving your special goods.

Glassware and Fragile Items packing procedure; initially we wrap the item with a single layer of paper packing and then put multiple layers of bubble wrap on it.

Select the separate boxes as per the size of an item. Mostly we avoid clubbing of item in the single large box. Instead of it small boxes are used to pack the items separately for better safety of items.

At the ground or bottom level of a box is filled with a layer of packaging material. Also, empty space is filled with the packing material to ensure there is no movement of goods while moving of goods.

Pack and seal the box tightly with strips of tape to secure the wrapping. Keep the note “contents are fragile” on packing for making it easily notable while moving.

We use a "double boxing" method for the item which should be handled with more care. So it will be damage free from moving shocks and vibration.

Not only in packing but also while transporting of goods we keep it at the safest place to avoid it from transit shakes. As the items are marked with fragile labelled our team will take care of it while loading and unloading.

If you have any fragile items or glassware to transport, then take the look of our packing procedure. Even in regular shifting procedure we will follow the same procedure for glassware or crystal goods. We will safely pack and ship your crystal, glass, and any other fragile items.

Fragile Items Packing
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